We are leaders manufacturers and commercial distributors of souvenirs, which are for sale to the public in tourist places, our product star the famous fauna visor.

Our fauna visor is the best distinctive of our company, introduced in the promotional market for 30 years, has become the product with greater interest for the end customer.



Some of the characteristics that our product contributes are:

  • It promotes the development of learning in children thanks to its beautiful didactic design.
  • Protect from the sun.
  • Create a better vacation experience for the child, enjoyable and full of adventures, encouraging the return visits to the place.
  • Non-toxic product, made with quality raw material.

This visor is a completely professional product and made with the best standards of quality and design, because it is specially made for children’s use.

Quality vs Piracy

The differences by which our product surpasses any imitation are:


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